The process for the Concert Band and Jazz Band submission is very similar however, Jazz Band submissions should watch the Jazz instructional video below for some small differences. Before you begin please remember these helpful tips. Once your comfortable with the following tips and instructions click on the Concert Band or Jazz Band page links above to find all the materials.

  • Make sure you are in a noise and distraction free environment. Noises and distractions in your audio will impair the outcome of our virtual concert.

  • Please have two devices on hand. One device that you can use to view the sheet music and listen to the audio track. A second device with video and audio recording capabilities like a cell phone or tablet to record your submission.

  • Please use headphones to listen to the audio track so that your recording device does not pick up the audio tracks sound.

  • When recording with a mobile device like a cell phone or tablet do a practice recording first to make sure your audio is not too loud or distorted. To help minimize audio distortion set your device up off to the side rather than directly in front of you. Try starting out with your recording device five feet away. You may need to move farther away for louder instruments like trumpet and trombone, or closer for instruments like flute and clarinet.

  • Remember to label your files correctly "instrument_name_school.mp4" example "Alto Sax_Mr Beall_Nellie Coffman.mp4" and do not erase the .mp4/.mov or any other file name extension at the end.

  • Make sure you clap in your recording when it says to!

Step 1: Download the sheet music and the audio files.

Step 2: Record yourself playing along with the audio file.

Step 3: Upload your video.

Watch this video if you need a quick refresher

Watch this video if you need a more in depth tutorial

Watch this video for Jazz Band specific instructions.